Chris Kennedy

Sometimes working in a restaurant starts out as just a job. Over time, though, employees and restaurants can start to inflect each other. After receiving a journalism degree from San Francisco State University, Chris Kennedy was interviewing with a local Napa paper when he was offered a job at Bouchon Bistro. He decided to go the freelance route with his writing and work at Bouchon on the side. Nine years later, that formula is still working for him. Chris now presides behind the bar at the restaurant, putting his journalistic instinct to work as he trades news with the who's who of Napa Valley. He also writes freelance music criticism, with an emphasis on alternative music, jazz and rock.
Over the years at Bouchon, Chris has seen his interest in all things culinary expand with his experience. He didn't consider himself a "foodie" type when he started, but says that the exposure he's had to high quality food at the restaurant has piqued his interest. His time as a bartender has also inspired him to learn more about wine and liquors. His favorite cocktail to make these days is a negroni, because of its classic, yet unusual, combination of liquors. He enjoys introducing his guests to drinks they might not otherwise have tried, and to educate them about new things as he himself learns about them. In a way, working at Bouchon has become Chris' version of continuing education, allowing him to pursue his interest in music journalism while learning about the world of food and drink.


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