Kevin Macway

Kevin Macway is an institution within our family of restaurants. A native of Napa, he started work at The French Laundry before its doors even opened. For Kevin, the guests at The French Laundry are the reason that he has stayed so long. He looks forward to their enthusiasm and takes pleasure in helping them realize their expectations. In turn, for many guests, his presence has become an integral part of The French Laundry experience.

Kevin brings the work ethic he says he learned from Thomas Keller to his other passion in life, physical fitness. He cycles or runs the length of the Napa Valley almost every day. When he ran the Boston Marathon, he wrote "It's all about finesse," one of Thomas' favorite tag-lines, on his shirt, for motivation. And after completing the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon, he served dinner at The French Laundry the same night.


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